domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

Red High Heels...

Red stilettos
going down the stairs
red high heels to meet you there
Bloody red heels
long pure black hair
red high heels its all i wear

12´ inch heels
moving down your legs
red hot burning lips
inhale exhale taste your face
Bloody red lips
long black legs
red high smoking heel´s all i wear

Heat it up, turn it on
mouth half open,
heat it on turn it up
let it in inhibitions broken
Sweat it up, do me right
eyes wide open
work it up, sweat it on
Red high heels words unspoken

Red 12´ inch heels
moving down again
red hot heels up and down your legs
red bloody nails
down your sweaty back
red high clicking heels all i wear

High red heels
wrapped around your waist
red burning lips eager for your taste
Red strong wine pouring down your neck 
drink it away lick the corner of your face
red high heels all i wear